[Poweredgec-tools] C6100 and IPMI/DRAC hang ups

Nigel Williams Nigel.Williams at utas.edu.au
Wed Sep 18 17:46:46 CDT 2013

Have you heard from Dell about how they are going to fix the flaky BMC? When our batch of C6145s arrived, we had about three that seemed DOA, but re-seating the sleds and generally poking around brought them back to life. Not sure if this is related or not.

I've noticed on Windows XP + Java7, the BMC web-interface seems to fail over time and needs to be restarted (either the browser or JVM or both). The fault is either the ISO/CDROM redirect stops working or the video no longer captures the console content.

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The BMCs on our C6145s are pretty fragile/flaky. When checked this morning (after them having been power cycled about a month ago) only 4 out of 12 will allow ipmitool to connect over the network.
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