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Michael_Stumpf at Dell.com Michael_Stumpf at Dell.com
Tue Sep 17 17:03:03 CDT 2013


I just realized that the BMC tool hasn't been republished in a while:  sorry about that.  A number of useful things have been added.  Summary below.

09/17/2013 : Add a number of things for C6220/C8220:  PSU required/redundant scripting commands, error state, and info to allinfo.
09/16/2013 : Fixed help menus, pushed more stuff onto main, and generally organized menus better.
09/12/2013 : Add bmc_ip_source, bmc_vlan, host and bmc ip address scripting commands.  Fix C6220 PPID detection.
07/19/2013 : Add synonyms blink, fastblink, and raw (quick access to id_led and ipmitool passthrough).
07/11/2013 : BMC lists can now contain BMC lists.  So you can define a list for a rack, that refers to chassis, that refers to actual node IP addresses.
07/10/2013 : Add a number of scripting convenience commands:  host_ip_addr_1, host_mac_addr_1, bmc_ip_addr, etc

Michael Stumpf
System Management & Tools
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