[Poweredgec-tools] Ipmi command on C6220

Adam Hough Adam.Hough at pgs.com
Fri Sep 6 07:50:14 CDT 2013

I am in the process of upgrading the firmware on some of our C6220 systems using the ipmiflash utility.
I have several systems that have hung during the "Validating Image" in that it will never exit that stage of the flash.  I can kill the update script but leaves the ipmi interface in "update mode".  The only way I know how to get it out of this sate it to reseat the sled in the chassis to reboot the ipmi controller as in this state the ipmi controller ignores any reset commands (which is the correct action to prevent bad stuff during the actually flash).

Is there a raw ipmi command I can send to get it out of the "update mode"?

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