[Linux-PowerEdge] R740xd - HBA330 - mpt3sas - 18.04.4

Anthony Alba ascanio.alba7 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 02:13:23 CDT 2020


On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 3:55 AM Timo Scheller
<t.scheller at its.uni-saarland.de> wrote:
> Dear all,
> we ordered a bunch of new Dell R740xd with the HBA330 Controller
> and 8TB Disks for Storage Services. They were delivered end of January.
Presumably you see all the pdisks correctly in iDRAC Web UI?

To confirm it is an 18.04 or Linux in general oddity,
can you see them correctly if you boot from a
1. CentOS 7/Fedora 31 LiveCD or
2. Ubuntu 20.04 (pre-release) LiveCD


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