[Linux-PowerEdge] Integrated dual SD card module

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Hello Stefan,
  I haven't run across that particular scenario, but I have seen strange behaviors with the SD modules before. Out of curiosity, have you tried disconnecting all power to the chassis for +30sec to see if a BCM reset helps?  If not, try this and then check the boot options in the BIOS.

Good luck!

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 Peter Brunnengräber

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Recently I updated the firmware on an R630 through the life cycle controller, including the firmware of the IDSDM.

Since the update, the SD cards no longer show up as a boot option and the host no longer boots the ESXi installed on them.

The server firmware is fully up to date, the iDRAC show the IDSDM firmware version (1.7) and two healthy SD cards but the host does not see them on the bus.

BIOS 2.10.5

I have already tried re-installing the IDSDM firmware (through LCC) but that didn't help.
DSU shows the IDSDM in the inventory but Dell support live image does not show any USB storage.

Does anyone have a hint for me?




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