[Linux-PowerEdge] Help - How do I convert a single path boot from SAN system to multipath?

Adão Feliz adao at bybright.com
Sat Feb 23 04:37:49 CST 2019



Our servers have multiple HBAs. We now have multipath storage available and would like to reconfigure the system to take advantage of the additional paths. How can this be done?

The system was configured to boot from SAN, we don’t have disks on the servers. During OS installation root lvm/filesystem were created using sub paths: /dev/sdxx

Is it possible to migrate from single path /dev/sdxx to device-mapper-multipath devices viz. /dev/mapper/mpathX after OS installation??

$ lvs_-a_-o_devices
  LV          VG     Attr   LSize      Devices
  LogVol00    rootvg -wi-ao   6.00G    /dev/sdbt2(0)                     <--- root lvm volume created using underlying sub path
  LogVol01    rootvg -wi-ao  10.00G    /dev/sdbt2(352)
  LogVol02    rootvg -wi-ao   5.00G    /dev/sdbt2(674)

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