[Linux-PowerEdge] Idrac not accessible

Werf, C.G. van der (Carel) C.G.vanderWerf at uu.nl
Wed Dec 18 07:09:37 CST 2019


Hi Patrice,

1- Does local racadm work while IP not accessisble?  racadm getversion

Yes it does :
racadm getversion
 Bios Version             = 3.4.1
 iDRAC Version            = 2.90
 USC Version              =
These seem to be the latest versions.

2- Do you have other similar servers that runs without problem?

As I stated:  I had been working fine with OMSA 9.0.1 And I have several other PE's (which I didn't update to OMSA 9.3.0) that do work ok.
So they have a " shared " connection (idrac Express), though for each R815/R715/R730xd the "idrac-NIC" is not used inside the OS.
Em1 : <not used> ; but connected for idrac-express.
Em2 : public IP.
Em3,Em4 :connected if necessary.

3- And what if you stop OMSA daemons?  Does the iDRAC comes back?

Stopping the OMSA daemons or even disabling them and rebooting the server, did not solve the problem.
With disabled OMSA, the kernel drivers are still loaded, I guess.

4- On RH, can you see an IP address related to the idrac?  Does this address accessible?
No as I mentioned ... No ping replies from idrac-IP (tested from outside this server offcourse)


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Does anyone have experience with following scenario.

I have a DELL PE R815 with Idrac express.
OS: Rhel 7.7 with OMSA 9.3.0

When system is powered off, idrac is fully accessible at it's configured IP-address. System can be powered on from idrac.

When system is running, incl the OMSA-daemons, the idrac IP-address is NOT accessible anymore (not even ping echoes).

When system is booted from external usb (for instance Ubuntu18), the idrac stays accessible.

So, my conclusion...there is something wrong with current OS,  presumably with OMSA 9.3.0 kernel-drivers, which reset the idrac interface.

This situation started when OMSA was upgraded from 9.0.1 (init.d-config) to 9.3.1 (systemd-config).

I have a Dell-support call running... but they don't seem to know.

With Regards,

| Carel van der Werf |
| Developer/Administrator ICT-Bèta | Department of Science     | Utrecht University |

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