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Hello stijn,

Would it be possible to share the boot manager screen with current list items in it for understanding more.



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Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2018 13:52:24 +0100
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Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] uefi boot order changing
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hi all,

we see an issue with the boot order in uefi (now in idrac9 on m640, but
we also had this on our m630): it's changing for no real obvious reason,
and doing the wrong thing in the end.

the problem is that we want to do pxe boot first, then disk boot.

however, under certain circumstances, the order changes. in particular,
when we reinstall a node, it flips to disk-pxe. we think that it is
because the disks gets reinstalled, and uefi sees the new boot disk, and
decides that since the old boot disk is no more, it falls back to some
default order.

however, the right thing to do would be to keep the order the same as
much as possible, in particular, the pxe boot should always be kept first.

is anyone experiencing similar issues? or knows the correct reason why
we are seeing this? or has some tips how to fix this?

many thanks,



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