[Linux-PowerEdge] Upgrading C5000 FCB firmware

Marco Bozzolan mailbox at s19n.net
Fri Mar 2 05:46:10 CST 2018


 I am seeing the following while trying to apply this update to a C5000 
(via a C5220 microserver):


The first command in the linuxup.sh script gives:

----- cut here -----
sudo ./vkutl fw ../V1_13D.bin
Viking backplane utility v1.40 (2011/05/05)
Detecting KCS interface...CA2/CA3
Wait signal from BP time out
Check Sled number error
Validate DCS Image Header OK.
Can't Get BP Device ID
----- cut here -----

At the same time, I am seeing the following in the BMC (for any of the 8 
microservers contained):

----- cut here -----
BMC Chipset : AST2050
Chassis Type : Viking chassis
Chassis Version : Off Line
MB Position : N/A
----- cut here -----

Also, all sensor readings related to rear temp, sys fans and PSUs are 
"not available".

Do you have any hint on how to restore at least the readings?
Do you think that a complete power cycle of the chassis would be of any 

Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards


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