[Linux-PowerEdge] Operation has failed due to a previously scheduled job.

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Mon Jul 30 16:00:13 CDT 2018

Michael Tiernan kirjoitti 30.7.2018 klo 23.45:
> I'm getting these errors on a few systems.
>    Operation is under progress, it may take few seconds to complete...
>    Error! Operation has failed due to a previously scheduled job.
>    Reboot the system and retry.
> I feel like I've missed something obvious, is there a way to 'clean the 
> queue' of the "scheduled jobs"?
> I'm finding that I've got a few machines that don't want to accept the 
> commands and I don't know for sure why.
> Machines are PE-730xd machines.
> Thanks for everyone's time.

Perhaps racadm helps:

# racadm help jobqueue

jobqueue -- To View & Modify the current JobQueue

jobqueue has multiple subcommands, view the help
as shown below.


racadm jobqueue help view
racadm jobqueue help delete
racadm jobqueue help create

Disclaimer 1: This was on a R320, which is older than your server.
Disclaimer 2: I don't know if this job queue is related to your issue.

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