[Linux-PowerEdge] PowerEdge 1950 Raid Monitoring

Vincent Cojot vincent at cojot.name
Tue Jul 24 18:49:28 CDT 2018

Hi Paul,

I usually use 'megaclisas-status' It works without OMSA and only 
requires MegaCli or PercCLI.
More information here:

Tool available here (ElVerde's upstream is late on my latest 

There's a --nagios argument that spits out nagios-compatible exit codes:

# megaclisas-status --nagios
RAID OK - Arrays: OK:2 Bad:0 - Disks: OK:2 Bad:0

I hope this helps,



On 2018-07-24 18:19, Paul A wrote:
> I have just finished putting together a DNS server on a Dell PowerEdge
> 1950 with CentOS 7. I tried to installing OMSA multiple times and
> could not get it to work. I got warnings about non-supporting
> OS/Architecture when I tried to install through Dell's repo and
> manually. I researched this issue in length and it seems that you
> can't get any version of OSMA to work on the dell 1950 with Centos 7.
> What I really want at this point is to monitor the RAID array health,
> I would like to know if the disk is failing or has failed. At this
> point I'm willing to give up OMSA and being able to do RAID tasks live
> on the server. So what are other recommended ways to monitor the Raid
> array? I have used smartctl and ipmitool to let limited info on the
> disks but Im looking for something that will email/warn me when a disk
> has failed.
> We use Solarwinds for monitoring and I was thinking of using SNMP, but
> I read you still need OMSA in order to have SolarWinds monitor your
> server via SNMP, can someone confirm this? If this is not the case
> what OIDS do I need to monitor and what should their status be? Also
> do I need to download the mibs from dell and put them on the server? I
> have never used the Mibs/snmp to monitor Dell servers always OMSA but
> now I need another solution to monitor the array.
> Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction and profile me
> with some help/links on an alternative to OMSA, using either
> SNMP/impitool/smartctl or something else that Im not aware of. Again
> my main concern at this point is to be able to get warnings on failed
> disk. If we can use our solarwinds via snmp that would be great but im
> open to other suggestions.
> BTW I read and tried all the hacks for OMSA 7.4.1 on CentOS and none
> of them worked for me.
> Thanks, Paul
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