[Linux-PowerEdge] R740 with QLogic QL41162HMRJ on RHEL7

Klaas Demter klaasdemter at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 09:22:41 CDT 2018

I'm experiencing  couple of issues with that NIC on my RHEL7 servers

- Any rhel prior to rhel 7.5 does not support the nic out of the box
(ie you can't network-install) even though it is certified for rhel
7.3+ - while this is an inconvenience for me I just think this should
be made more clear to people
- the RHEL 7.5 driver does not enable dsu to update the firmware of
the network cards or inventory the firmware version (I opened a case
with Dell but it seems to be stuck somewhere, I don't think this has
reached the proper devs yet)

and last but not least a problem with lldp which is my main reason for
writing this e-mail:
- there seems to be an issue with the RHEL 7.5 driver or with the
network card, not sure yet) that creates spam in our cisco switch logs
with messages like this
%LLDP-FEX105-3-DETECT_MULTIPLE_PEERS: Multiple peers detected on Eth105/1/7

from client side I can see that the AckNo of CEE DCBX TLV is
increasing steadily:
lldptool -t -n -i em2
        Control TLV:
          SeqNo: 1, AckNo: 91685
        Application TLV:
          Enabled, Not Willing, No Error
          Ethertype: 0x8906, Priority Map: 0x08
        Priority Groups TLV:
          Enabled, Not Willing, No Error
          PGID Priorities:  0:[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7]
          PGID Percentages: 0:100% 1:0% 2:0% 3:0% 4:0% 5:0% 6:0% 7:0%
          Number of TC's supported: 1

Has anyone experienced weird behaviour with lldp? Where would I report
such an error - is that the Del, Red Hat or even Cisco?


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