[Linux-PowerEdge] dsu failing to install iDRAC Service Module

Onno Zweers onno.zweers at surfsara.nl
Tue Oct 10 09:44:05 CDT 2017

Dear people,

In the archive I've found a discussion about dsu stumbling over iDRAC Service Module: http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge/2017-August/051254.html <http://lists.us.dell.com/pipermail/linux-poweredge/2017-August/051254.html>

I had a similar problem and documented some troubleshooting steps: https://onnonymous.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/dell-dsu-fails-to-update-idrac-service-module/ <https://onnonymous.wordpress.com/2017/10/09/dell-dsu-fails-to-update-idrac-service-module/> 

I hope it may be useful to others.

To the Dell package maintainers I have these questions/remarks (based on Centos 7):

- You've put an RPM inside a self extracting BIN inside an RPM. Why so complicated? Why don't you just put the dcism RPM in the repo?
- If you can't do that, please modify the Systems-Management_Application_* packages to depend on usbutils and compat-libstdc++-33.i686 and possibly OpenIPMI.
- Please don't redirect errors to /dev/null (with strace I noticed this many times) but write them to the log or to stderr.

Kind regards,
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