[Linux-PowerEdge] replacing a failed hard drive with PERC HBA mode

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Thu Aug 10 10:51:37 CDT 2017


Does the H710 support HBA mode? I thought it wasn't until the PERC9 series
that HBA mode was supported.

If that's the case, you probably just have to create a RAID0 virtual disk
with the single drive. I guess you could confirm by seeing if you have any
other virtual disks listed in the storage section of the iDRAC.


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 6:14 PM, Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu> wrote:

> Hi All!
> I need to replace a hard drive in a Dell R720 that's running RHEL 6.9.
> The problem is that the replacement drive shows up as "Ready" in the
> physical disks area of iDRAC, instead of "Online".  It does not
> automatically show up as a vdisk in the virtual disks area.
> The PERC H710 mini is in HBA mode, not RAID mode, so it's not handling
> the mirroring.  That's being done at the OS level with Linux's mdadm.
> This hard drive is part of an mdadm RAID1.  The drive failed completely,
> so mdadm failed each of the partitions out of the individual MD devices.
> I removed the failed MD components and then forced the OS to forget about
> /dev/sdb, with
>         # echo 1 > /sys/block/sdb/device/delete
> I pulled the failed hard drive from the hot-swap bay, installed the Dell
> replacement drive in the carrier, and inserted the replacement hard drive
> into the bay.  The drive LED blinked and went green, and iDRAC shows the
> physical disk as "Ready", instead of "Online", and the replacement is
> missing completely from the vdisk area.
> The OS did not auto-detect a hard drive being added to the bus, and even
> a rescan via
>         # echo '- - -' > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan
> does not trigger it to recognize the replacement drive is there.  I'm
> guessing that's because I need to do something at the PERC/iDRAC/Lifecycle
> level to get the drive to switch to "Online" and make it a vdisk.
> How do I go about doing that?
> We do not currently have any Dell OS-level RPMs installed, so no omsa or
> srv-admin or whatever.  After being on this list for a couple of years,
> my confidence in those tools is extremely limited.
> It seems like 'megaclisas' might be able to help, but I have been
> completely unable to find a working link to that tool, after the
> LSI->Avago->Broadcomm transition.  If anyone has a working link to get
> it, I would appreciate seeing it.
> Could 'racadm' via ssh perform the necessary magic to get this drive so
> that the PERC is presenting it as a disk to the OS?  Is there something
> easier than that, that also doesn't require a huge mess of questionable
> Dell RPMs be installed?
> Any suggestions are much appreciated,
> Tim
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