[Linux-PowerEdge] R530 with SSDs and Oracle Linux 6.6 kernel panic

David Harding David.Harding at brighthouse.co.uk
Tue Aug 8 04:21:21 CDT 2017


I have successfully, via kickstart, installed Oracle Linux 6.6 on this server, however the kernel panics on the subsequent boot from hard drive.
Sadly, I cannot see the full panic due to the implementation of the console via iDRAC8 GUI and the lack of scroll bars.
I can get a PuTTY connection to the console, but whilst it shows POST dialogs, it stops displaying messages once the kernel starts, even though the kernel line includes "console=ttyS1,115200n8r console=tty1". I have tried changing the speed to 57600 to no avail. These settings seems to work fine for other Dell servers (not necessarily R530s) in displaying a full boot dialog on a PuTTY console.
I have a suspicion that the issue might be the use of SSDs and I need a newer version of OL6, but it might not be.

Has anyone:

a.       Seen something like this and confirmed an issue with SSDs, or

b.      Got any suggestions for getting the PuTTY console to display messages beyond POST, or

c.       Got any other helpful suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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