[Linux-PowerEdge] Is the concept of the Lifecycle Controller just being abandoned by Dell?

Rene Shuster rene.shuster at bcsemail.org
Thu Aug 3 15:59:07 CDT 2017

Is that OME for whatever Linux distro you use or do you use the OME vCenter

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 2:11 AM, Cameron Smith <cameron at networkredux.com>

> IMHO The Lifecycle Controller works great and I manually upload firmware
> upgrades to it's job queue all the time. It is also what handles updates
> sent from OME which I also use.
> ftp.dell.com on the other hand is a joke.
> It needs to be rearchitected to handle the bandwidth to deliver files
> quickly at modern (not dial-up modem) speeds all the time.
> DSU is iffy and has it's own problems :)
> Cameron
> On Mon, Jul 3, 2017 at 3:11 PM, Shane Forsythe <sforsyt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This is not specific to Linux, I'm frustratingly still at the point where
>> trying to apply updates before can goto install linux.....
>> For awhile now there have been numerous posts about how absolutely horrid
>> trying to do firmware updates via the Lifecycle Controller via
>> ftp.dell.com has become.  The bandwidth or hardware devoted to
>> ftp.dell.com does not remotely seem up to the task, when the site is
>> actually up and you can connect, it seems to take many hours for it to
>> actually download the catalog.
>> Numerous times on Dell Support forums it be suggested to download a
>> bootable ISO that will do all the updates.   I literally just spoke with
>> support as I was having trouble even reaching ftp.dell.com , and that
>> was the verbatim answer they gave me.
>> Is that the preferred suggested course of action to upgrade Dell hardware
>> currently?
>> Once a month manually download an iso for each unique piece of hardware
>> you are running?
>> I was forced to download the one for my new unboxed R730xd , and am
>> astonished how bad it is.
>> There are 111 potential updates.  There is no central logic, or inventory
>> collection.
>> Each and every updated package is executed sequentially.
>> Each and every update package , separately does "Collecting Inventory" (
>> which takes a non trivial amount of time  ).  If that specific update
>> doesn't apply to your hardware, you get  "This Update package is not
>> compatible with your system configuration"
>> Even the most basic engineering effort could be made to simplify and
>> streamline this process, this is most bare bones out of the box possible
>> solution that could have been devised.
>> The Lifecycle controller was sold as an innovative intelligent solution
>> by Dell to completely automate the process, each step applied in the Dell
>> approved order ... The initial marketing spiel used to sell it (the
>> Lifecycle contoller)  used the old out dated modes of manually download  as
>> an example of what an improvement this would be!
>> Has the Lifecycle controller method of updating via ftp just fallen out
>> of favor?
>> Is the current vision/plan to just push out the bare bones ISO ?
>> Will there be improvements to the infrastructure that back ftp.dell.com?
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