[Linux-PowerEdge] Different status report between OMSA and iDRAC

Chandrasekhar_R at Dell.com Chandrasekhar_R at Dell.com
Thu Sep 29 22:01:10 CDT 2016

Hello Davide,

Can you please get the SMBIOS dump from that server you are observing this issue?
Please run  "dmidecode" command on CentOS to get the SMBIOS dump.




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Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2016 13:50:11 +0200
From: Davide Ferrari
Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] Different status report between OMSA and
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I have a PowerEdge R730xd that is reporting, according to OMSA 8.3 0 installed on CentOS 7.2, a faulty DIMM in slot A1. The same slot it's completely OK according to io the internal iDRAC Enterprise.
Moreover, I had the DIMM replaced, iit was OK in iDRAC and faulty in OMSA before replacing it and after replacing it it's exactly the same.

Who should I trust? How can I check this?


Davide Ferrari
Senior Systems Engineer
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