[Linux-PowerEdge] PowerEdge R210ii, Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS, and iDRAC6/IPMI

Peter Williams peter at newton.cx
Tue Sep 13 09:38:57 CDT 2016


I've got a PowerEdge R210ii running Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS with an iDRAC6
Express card installed. I recently sat down to try to get remote
management working on it, and have been having trouble getting things
to work.

Unfortunately, the machine is hooked up to a somewhat funky network
setup, and some of its network connections involve switches that I
don't have full access to, so when it comes to network-based management
I can't rule out issues unrelated to the machine itself. So I thought
I'd start by trying "local" RAC operations.

I'm not having any luck on that front either. I've added the repository
at http://linux.dell.com/repo/community/ubuntu/, installed the
'srvadmin-idracadm' package, then tried to run "sudo
/opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/racadm getsysinfo". I get:

    The RAC is unable to communicate with the BMC. This condition may
    occur because of (1) no BMC is present, (2) missing or disfunctional
    IPMI-related software components. Many RAC features depend on BMC
    connectivity in order to work properly, and you may see failures
    as a result.
    ERROR: RACADM is unable to process the requested subcommand because there is no
    local RAC configuration to communicate with.

    Local RACADM subcommand execution requires the following:

     1. A Remote Access Controller (RAC) must be present on the managed server
     2. Appropriate managed node software must be installed and running on the

Am I even trying the right thing here? Maybe a BIOS setting I need to

While I'm at it ... the docs on network-based management seem to say
that the OS needs to support "teaming" on the NIC for things to work.
Is this something that should just magically work in my setup, or do I
need to do some special configuration in the Ubuntu install?

Thanks for any pointers,


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