[Linux-PowerEdge] what is the Consistency check error message look like?

Robert Jacobson teridon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 09:23:18 CDT 2016


I recently learned that Dell recommends that we run periodically (e.g.
monthly) consistency checks on all RAID volumes.


I have implemented these checks via cron on Linux and scheduled tasks on
Windows.  Here's an example completion message on Linux (CentOS 6) (from


2016-09-08T10:27:46+00:00 wfep1 Server_Administrator: 13396 2085 - Storage
Service  Virtual disk Check Consistency completed:  Virtual Disk 1 (fepdata)
Controller 0 (PERC H710 Mini)


I get a lot of these messages.  What I'd like to do is filter out all the
good messages and only see the messages when the check fails.  Unfortunately
I have no idea what this failure message might look like.  The above doesn't
even say it completed with no errors or anything!


On Windows these errors appear to be more explicit -- or rather, there are
different Event IDs for the different results. Reference:


Reproduced here:

*	Event ID: 2085 

*	Text for email: Consistency check completed with no errors

*	Event ID: 2076 

*	Text for email: Consistency check failed to complete

*	Event ID: 2341 

*	Text for email: Consistency check completed with corrections

*	Event ID: 2397 

*	Text for email: Consistency check completed, but encountered
uncorrectable errors

So, what do those exit states look like on Linux?  I suppose I have one
equivalent to Event ID 2085 already.  What about the others?






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