[Linux-PowerEdge] add iDrac8 port card. PowerdgeR430. How to switch configuration

Elie_Jreij at Dell.com Elie_Jreij at Dell.com
Thu Sep 1 16:14:16 CDT 2016

You also need to import the Enterprise license file into iDRAC. You can do it from GUI or racadm or wsman
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I bought an iDrac 8 Express card (Entreprise license) for my PowerEdge R430.

1) installation is pretty easy
(p 87-88)

2)but how to switch from old configuration (basic licence/ Nic) to the new iDrac8 Entreprise?
I tried to reset iDrac settings
   - from menus
   - press & hold the "i" button on the front panel more than 15 s (as described in the R430 Owners guide)

... no way !

did I omit something?
Thanks in advance for help

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