[Linux-PowerEdge] change chassis model from R720xd to R720

Elias Abacioglu elias.rabi at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 15:56:17 CDT 2016


I have a bunch of R720xd and a bunch of R720.
Except for the backplane taking 12x3.5" disks instead 8x3.5" disks. I see
no other physical difference.
But the BIOS works differently.
In the R720 you can activate the Embedded SATA in the BIOS.
In the R720xd you cannot, because it's not there.

So I wondering if there is a way to trick the R720xd to believe that it is
a R720 so I can get the Embedded SATA to work on the R720xd?
Both R720 and R720xd have 2 embedded SATA ports in the Mobo.

And as this is a public forum, I know there are some know-it-all types that
is going to ask me why or tell me that I shouldn't use SATA. Not that it
matters, but the reason for this is that I want to be able to plugin a
SATA-DOM on the mobo for the OS, so I can use all SAS ports for distributed
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