[Linux-PowerEdge] Non-Dell drives on H730P?

George Beech george at stackoverflow.com
Tue Jun 21 08:56:52 CDT 2016

The 730Ps wont limit yhe drives you have. We have Samsung, intel, wd drives
hooked up all over.

The one thing I be wary of is putting a 730P into an 11th gen server. They
have changed a lot of things between then and now, and the raid cards are
highly dependant on the system architecture. I've seen a bunch of strange
issues putting 13g cards in 12g servers. So I'd reccomend caution there.
On Jun 21, 2016 9:51 AM, <vincent at cojot.name> wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm probably gonna get a H730P to upgrade my PE T410 (currently running a
> 9271-8i). Does anyone know if there are restrictions on the types of disks
> useable on an H730P? Can anyone confirm that it allows non-Dell drives?
> I have a Samsung SSD 850 and several WD Red NAS drives currently on my
> 9271-8i.
> Thanks,
> Vincent
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