[Linux-PowerEdge] dell-system-upgrade on CentOS 7 "Could not parse the inventory"

Soorej_Ponnandi at Dell.com Soorej_Ponnandi at Dell.com
Mon Jun 20 21:25:28 CDT 2016

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The DSU repository is refreshed and a new version 16.06.00 is available. The dsu execution during repository sync among servers could have caused this issue.
Please retry and let us know if issue persists.

Soorej Ponnandi
Dell | Change Management

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Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] dell-system-upgrade on CentOS 7 "Could not parse the inventory"

After noticing problems with "dsu" I investigated and found out, that the rpm that is being fetched is not available (returns HTTP 200, but is actually “404 – Not Found”).


Is anyone else experiencing these problems?
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