[Linux-PowerEdge] M610's with Broadcom 10G mezzanine cards

Stephen Berg (Contractor) stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil
Tue Aug 30 05:25:38 CDT 2016

Ran into an odd issue on a collection of M610's running inside an 
M1000e.  All these blades have Broadcom 10G mezz cards in the B fabric.  
All the mezz cards have printed into the board either "BCM957711A1123G" 
or "BCM957710A1023G".  The ones with 57711 do not work with SciLinux7.2 
at all near as I can tell.  Replacing them with a 57710 and everything 
goes back to normal.  Luckily we replaced the blades in one chassis and 
kept the mezz cards from the older M610's for spares and now they are 
coming in handy.

I'm not completely sure what is causing this conflict so far.  I suspect 
it's somewhere in a firmware update.  Three blades so far that I had the 
opportunity to update the OS and firmware all exhibited this behavior.  
I've got others waiting for a chance to update and I don't think I've 
got quite enough spares to swap them all out if it turns out to be 
consistent behavior.

Anyone else seen this and come up with a better reason and maybe a solution?

Stephen Berg
Systems Administrator
NRL Code: 7320
Office: 228-688-5738
stephen.berg.ctr at nrlssc.navy.mil

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