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	The option --collect-inventory takes inventory xml (here /root/inventory.xml) as an input. For this we need an existing inventory collector output (Inventory.xml). Inventory output can be obtained by executing inventory collector 
		 "<inv-col-binary> -outc=/root/inventory.xml"

	To get inventory collector binary from DSU repository, do the following:
		1.  yum search invcol
		2.  yum install <resulting-invcol from above command>
		3.  invcol binary will be in /usr/libexec/dell_dup/
		4) execute inventory collector binary with -outc option (example:- /usr/libexec/dell_dup/invcol_R22P1_LN64_16.05.00.697_A00 -outc=/root/inventory.xml)	

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Been trying to get "dsu --collect-inventory=/root/inventory.xml" working and so far the dozen or so systems I've tested all fail with:

# dsu --collect-inventory=/root/inventory.xml
Verifying catalog installation ...
Installing catalog from repository ...
Fetching dsucatalog ...
Reading the catalog ...
Could not parse the inventory

Is this feature supposed to be working now or have I missed a setup step somewhere along the way?

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