[Linux-PowerEdge] EDAC support for Intel Haswell devices

Brent Kimberley Brent.Kimberley at Durham.ca
Mon Aug 22 07:41:38 CDT 2016

Support for EDAC on Intel Haswell microarchitecture
Solution In Progress  - Updated June 1 2015 at 6:33 AM
*Ensure support for EDAC on Intel Haswell microarchitecture

The following is likely out of date.
<snip> Users of CPUs belonging to the Intel Haswell and Broadwell processor families in particular must install these microcode updates to ensure system stability. But all Intel users should install the updates as a matter of course. </snip>

>> Dear John,
>> Correct me if I am wrong, but after searching for 15 minutes on the Web,
>> I wasn't able to find any source package and only RPM packages for Red
>> Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers.
>> We use our custom GNU/Linux distribution, and have a guideline to not
>> install proprietary software.
>> If OMSA is proprietary software, then it?s out of question.
>> That?s the problem here already in my opinion. You shouldn?t have to
>> install separate tools for certain vendors. The same tools should be
>> usable on all systems. That?s what standards are for, aren?t they?
>> What am I missing?
>> Best regards,
>> Paul Menzel
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