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Dell Customer Communication
My comment was not aimed at any specific issue. Soorej will provide more details on the issue that has been reported.
We are making efforts on how best can we get updates faster to our customers.
Support of new OSes does not come free, there is cost associated with it.


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Clearly, that's not a Centos issue. that's the issue with incompetent tech. personnel (especially packagers). How can we trust them with RHEL, when we see fundamental packaging and design failures, not solved since february, especially with FHS? Running away from that and blaming support matrix is a VERY bad way of doing business. It takes one man hour to solve all issues reported (with solutions) via this mailing list for Y2015.
RHEL won't solve these things by itself.

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Dell Customer Communication
DSU YUM repository is updated on a monthly basis (3rd Friday of every month), we provide the content refresh as part of the monthly revision.
The DSU functionality itself is going to be updated once every 4-5 months or as required.

When any issues are reported, we put that in our backlog and try to address them in our next release, again depends on priorities listed by our marketing.

Cent OS is NOT part of our support matrix and this is not tested by Dell, our support matrix is published on the DSU page.


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