[Linux-PowerEdge] Why not unsubscribe yourself? (Re: cancel my subscription )

L. Walsh dell at tlinx.org
Thu Sep 17 05:26:13 CDT 2015

Maher Abuattiyah wrote:
> Dear dell
> Cancel my subscription from your mailing list
> Best regard
> maher
> On 16 Sep 2015 20:00, <linux-poweredge-request at dell.com 
> <mailto:linux-poweredge-request at dell.com>> wrote:
>     To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
>             https://lists.us.dell.com/mailman/listinfo/linux-poweredge
>     or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
>             linux-poweredge-request at dell.com
>     <mailto:linux-poweredge-request at dell.com>
>     You can reach the person managing the list at
>             linux-poweredge-owner at dell.com
>     <mailto:linux-poweredge-owner at dell.com>

I was curious -- why did you spam the list with your cancellation
notice and then include 124 lines of unrelated "digest" material
after your request?   You didn't even bother to send your own
message to the list, but also repeated the 124 lines of digest
material to add extra bulk to your 3 line message (over 4000%
of unrelated material).

What's even more curious is that instructions on how you can unsubscribe
are only 4 lines below your message.  It has instructions on how
to subscribe or unsubscribe to the list either by using your web-browser
or by sending email to the list's automated-features.  Either of those
options would allow you to unsubscribe yourself without the need to
ask anyone else to do it for you.  

If you still couldn't figure out how to help-yourself, immediately 
below the instructions on unsubscribing, was a way to reach
the list manager so you wouldn't have to do something
like spamming the whole list with unrelated digest content and your
request to have others do something you could
clearly have done yourself.  

But instead you copied and replied to my message to someone
else with a desire to unsubscribe.  I pretty sure that
was coincidental, though, given that you didn't even bother
to read the list instructions included at the beginning of
each digest so users can help themselves and not bother
the list or list manager unnecessarily.

On the other hand, perhaps you encountered some problem
with the instructions (you didn't say), in which case
you have my sincere apologies for pointing out the
obvious to you.

*best regard*


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