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Luca Lesinigo luca at lm-net.it
Wed Sep 2 02:26:11 CDT 2015

Il giorno 31/ago/2015, alle ore 19:10, Brent Kimberley <Brent.Kimberley at Durham.ca> ha scritto:
> ‎What about serial over lan?
That should be easy, via “ipmitool sol” you can configure various parameters (such as bitrate and so on), but I never actually tried that.
I used SOL with ipmitool many times but only after having it set up from the local console.

I couldn’t try that to enter iDRAC settings and enable IPMI over LAN because SOL itself uses IPMI over LAN and I would have had a chicken-and-egg situation :)

And in addition to that, I had some bad times in the past where entering some pre-boot menu via serial-over-lan resulted in an unusable system so I wanted to prevent that. As an example, entering Lifecycle Controller on an R420 is possible via SOL but then you can’t do anything else because it’s a graphical application. And if you power cycle the systems it just gets back into the LC. I had to ask a technician to go there and exit LC with a local keyboard/mouse.

Luca Lesinigo
LM Networks Srl

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