[Linux-PowerEdge] Setting up Dell OpenManage Repository via bootstrap.cgi isn't working due python exception

Johannes Ziemke johannes.ziemke at docker.com
Mon Oct 20 18:05:27 CDT 2014


not sure this is the right place to report that, let me know if not.

When trying to setup the open manage repos on centos like described here:

The script fails silently with exit code 4. Some debugging showed that it
tries to request:


Which shows the following python exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/srv/www/vhosts/linux.dell.com/html/repo/hardware/latest/mirrors.cgi",
line 252, in ?
  File "/srv/www/vhosts/linux.dell.com/html/repo/hardware/latest/mirrors.cgi",
line 154, in main
    url = url + "/" + getRpmPath(rpmName, os.path.join(scriptDir,
sysidpath, subdir))
  File "/srv/www/vhosts/linux.dell.com/html/repo/hardware/latest/mirrors.cgi",
line 57, in getRpmPath
    raise Exception()
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