[Linux-PowerEdge] Machine check events logged

Brian Seklecki bseklecki at probikesllc.com
Wed Jun 25 14:35:23 CDT 2014

On 5/20/2014 11:05 AM, Shane Forsythe wrote:
> I have an R510 with Centos 6.5 installed.  In March a single event was 
> shown
>  [Hardware Error]: Machine check events logged
> I installed mcelog and have service running as daemon, but error did 
> not repeat for a long period.
> Last week I updated the bios/firmware and kernel, now 4 times in the 
> last week I've seen the same message, but even with mcelog running, no 
> output is being generated in /var/log/mcelog
> It seems vaguely related to if I install/remove packages related to 
> ACPI or if I reboot and change BIOS settings, but not consistently, 
> and sometimes boots with no changes at all trigger the alert.

If there are no matching SEL entries, I'd say you're clear.  Just bad 
BIOS Code.

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