[Linux-PowerEdge] How to install Dell OpenManage on Ubuntu 14.04?

D. Jared Dominguez Jared_Dominguez at dell.com
Wed Jun 18 09:19:43 CDT 2014

Hi Peng,

I build and maintain these builds for Ubuntu and Debian by myself. I 
have plans to add better support for Trusty. I was planning on doing 
this for the next release by building natively on Trusty but will see if 
I can at least modify the apt repository so that using the current 
packages on Trusty is more straightforward (i.e. the sources.list line 
does not need to change when the next release comes out).


On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 09:05:24AM -0500, Peng Yu wrote:
>The above webpage says the following.
>"This is the community-supported Dell OpenManage repository for 64-bit
>Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or later LTS releases."
>However, the following directory does not have Trusty (14.04 LTS)? I'm
>not sure who maintains this webpage, but it says for feedback I should
>use this mailing list. May I ask to include the support for Trusty?
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