[Linux-PowerEdge] Changing Boot Configuration via wsman?

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Fri Jun 6 14:20:13 CDT 2014

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Am I understanding correctly, that there's a wsman method to set up BIOS-based or EFI-based PXE booting for a Dell server?  For a raw server, that does not yet have an OS?

If you have this, please share.

For our blade servers, we typically set up our FAB B or FAB C NICs as our public NICs.

It's cumbersome, particularly on Mx20s, to have to wander through all the screens to enable PXE boot on these NICs.  (I have the screen shots, so I can do it, but it's several screens deep and I never remember.   Always have to pull up my notes.)

If you have a wsman script that'll configure this automatically, please share.



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From: Matthew Garrett
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Ah, I see - the issue is that there's no legacy boot protocol enabled on the card, so it isn't added to the IPL list. I need to configure this via the NIC profile first.

Matthew Garrett | mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org

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