[Linux-PowerEdge] Clearing memory errors

Niclas Tollgård niclas.tollgard at apicasystem.com
Wed Aug 27 15:59:13 CDT 2014

Found by extensive "googling". :)

We have quite a few Dell servers deployed in our datacenters around the world so this error is not uncommon for us.
I have to run this command at least a couple of times a year on a server somewhere.

/ Nic

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On Wed, 27 Aug 2014, Niclas Tollgård wrote:

> The error "should" clear itself after the faulty memory has been 
> replaced but sometimes this is not the case.
> Running this command will clear the error:
> dcicfg command=clearmemfailures

Interesting.  Thank you.  Where did you find that information, please?
I went with the "flea power drain" option, which seemed to work.

Unix Support, UIS, University of Cambridge, England

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