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There were some changes done in libsmbios that resulted in removing prints of OEM strings(smbios-sys-info-lite), these string were something that OM was using. As far as I know because of this they seem to have switched back to the older and well tested libsmbios version.
I have updated the upstream repo to add printing of these strings again.


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libsmbios version numbers went backwards:

OMSA_7.1 - libsmbios-2.2.27-4.12.1.el6
OMSA_7.1.1 - libsmbios-2.2.27-4.5.1.el6
OMSA_7.2 - libsmbios-2.2.27-4.155.1.el6
OMSA_7.2.1 - libsmbios-2.2.27-4.3.1.el6
OMSA_7.3 - libsmbios-2.2.27-4.9.1.el6

current has 2.2.27-4.12.1.el6

I'm stuck on 2.2.27-4.155.1.el6 since that was the highest.

yum distro-sync \*smbios\* yum-dellsysid

got me synced up.

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