[Linux-PowerEdge] Feature request: Read RACADM remote password from environmental variable

Wayne_Weilnau at Dell.com Wayne_Weilnau at Dell.com
Fri Aug 8 11:06:48 CDT 2014

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Interesting idea.  I will pass this on to the racadm dev team and marketing for consideration in a future release.

Wayne Weilnau
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  IPMITOOL has a great feature/flag for reading the password from an environmental variable, thus the process table doesn't get populated with Cleartext passwords for all to see:

% ipmitool -h 2>&1 | egrep -- -E
       -E             Read password from IPMI_PASSWORD environment variable

May I suggest that RACADM adopt this approach, or a variation on the theme ?

  (Other similar mechanisms on Secure systems include reading it from a file that has permissions no greater than 400)

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