[Linux-PowerEdge] 10GbE for PE2900?

Linda A. Walsh dell at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 30 02:05:40 CDT 2013

On 9/26/2013 10:21 AM, Steve Thompson wrote:
> So, it appears that the Intel X520 dual-port 10GbE card will work in the 
> PCIe x8 slot of the PE2900 (but obviously not at full wire speed on both 
> ports simultaneously).
If there is any price break on getting a single port, I strongly 
recommend it.

I'm only getting ~340MB/s reads and ~500MB/s writes through my samba
server with a dual card (and those are maximums for large transfers in 
to/from a Win7 workstation.  I'd been hoping for at least 50-60% utilization
vs. the 14-20% MAX throughput (note, these figures are through samba -- file
xfer using ssh is WAY slower).

For comparison.  with the same test setup I got 125MB/s writes & 119MB/s 
over a 1Gb connection (same machines).

Needless to say, I was very unimpressed by the drop in efficiency.

Thinking about it .. a dual 1Gb card maxes out an 8-bit pci-e slot, so I 
know if you are going to see alot of benefit with a faster card.

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