[Linux-PowerEdge] 10GbE for PE2900?

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As I understand the PCI standards, one design goal they've maintained over the years is that, "If the card fits in the slot, it should work." Ie, 64bit PCI-X cards fitted in a 32bit slot will still work with 32bit transfers (I think the double address cycle for doing 64bit DMA is optional, though.) And do recall that whlie many consumer motherboards that now feature 3 or more PCI-E slots that are physically and mechanically x16, a closer inspection of the manual will reveal that not all of the 'lanes' are actually wired up. The point of this is, if you can fit the card in the slot, it should work. 

With respect to performance, a pci-e gen1 x4 is expected to have 1GB/s read and 1GB/s write. An x8 should have 2GB/s read and 2GB/s write.

So, in summary, A, it should and, B, it should not compromise the stability; but the performance impact really can't be predicted without more information as to what specifically is going on. I'd recommend you take measurements for both configurations. 


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So, it appears that the Intel X520 dual-port 10GbE card will work in the 
PCIe x8 slot of the PE2900 (but obviously not at full wire speed on both 
ports simultaneously). The PE2900 has only a single x8 slot, and in my 
2900's this is occupied by a Perc 6/E. I do have a spare x4 slot, so if I 
move the Perc 6/E to the x4 slot and put the X520 in the x8 slot will it 
(a) work, and (b) compromise the stability or performance of the Perc in 
any way?


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