[Linux-PowerEdge] hard disk predictive failures and snmp

Saleck saleck at albatani.cz
Fri Sep 27 13:52:35 CDT 2013


if you are running OMSA you are able to just parse logs for the "pre-failure" messages. 
Actually I think if you are using PERC cards for RAID you won't be able to see 
individual drives with smartd, only OMSA will see them.


Dne Pá 27. září 2013 10:38:39, Ryan Cox napsal(a):

You may want to look at smartd.  smartd can email you about SMART errors and run 
custom scripts when a problem occurs.  It works well for us.

I don't think that hard drives, RAID cards, etc usually communicate with the BMC (aka 
iDRAC) so it wouldn't have that information at the hardware level.  I could be wrong 
but that certainly seems to be the case.


On 09/27/2013 10:10 AM, John v2.0 wrote:

Hello List,

I have a few PowerEdge R710s running Ubuntu 12.04 and OMSA 7.1.0-1 which were 
reporting disks in 'predictive failure' in OMSA but when queried via snmp were not 
indicating any failure.  Because of this our Nagios checks failed to notify us the disks 
were predicted to fail and I'm trying to understand why.

When looking at the Nagios check/script I saw the OIDs it was querying and the values 

iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) 
iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) 
iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) 
iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) 
iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) 
iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online) — This disk is in 
predictive failure. Should be '34'. iso. = INTEGER: 2 
(Failed) iso. = INTEGER: 3 (Online)

The disks have since been replaced so I don't have a way to test this at the moment 
however I was hoping someone could provide some insight into why this may be 


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