[Linux-PowerEdge] Monitor disk status by snmp on iDrac 6&7

Robert Jacobson teridon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 08:20:25 CDT 2013

I find SNMP with Dell systems confusing -- it can be hard to tell if the
SNMP information you want is available from OMSA, or the iDRAC, or both.

I don't understand why Dell doesn't just have a central download site for
all things OMSA and iDRAC.  The support site is a labyrinth of amazing

Anyway, the ...10892.. OID is from OMSA; you can download those from the
support page for your service tag, e.g.:
(where "XXXXXXX" is your service tag -- or the service tag of any hardware
of the same model)
Then go to the "Drivers & Downloads" tab, expand all (or just expand the
Systems Management section) and use your browser to search for "MIBs"

You can also look at the MIBS on the server itself; on Linux they would be
(they aren't all in one directory -- and for some reason you get more MIBs
in the support site download then you'll find on the system!)

These MIBs are documented in the PDF Reference Guide for the version of
OMSA you're running from here:

e.g. for OMSA 7.2:


On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 8:52 AM, Jason Ede <J.Ede at birchenallhowden.co.uk>wrote:

>  We’ve got R720 and R720xd’s with iDrac 6&7’s in them.
> If I snmp walk on . then at the bottom on
> SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.674.10892. I can see information
> on all the disks in the system. However, I seem currently unable to find a
> MIB file that details all this information. Does anyone have a link to a
> MIB file that covers all that can be monitored from the DRAC?
> Jason
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