[Linux-PowerEdge] Accessing BMC or iDRAC when server is off.

Mauro Antivero mauro.antivero at gmail.com
Tue Sep 24 06:57:26 CDT 2013

El 24/09/13 12:47, Michael Zoet escribió:
> Hi Mauro,
>> Hello, answer between lines.
> ...
>> When the server only has BMC, the BMC responds pings?
> Yes. For the systems I manage (about 100 Dell Servers with BMC, iDRAC
> Express and Enterprise) they all respond to a "ping <BMC_IP_ADRESS>".
> I really wonder why they should not reply to ICMP echos? This is
> normal behaviour for a TCP/IP network card. And the BMCs are normally
> connected via the frist network interface... I have never done
> anything to enable a ping except to make sure there is no firewall or
> such between the servers that drops ICMP pings.
> In my experience with BMCs and iDRACs most of the time, when something
> like this does not work, the network configuration is somehow not right.
I don't understand waht happend. My BMC on R310 don't responds ping. As 
I say:

SO (Debian) IP:

When I ping all works perfectly.

IPMI over LAN is activated (I checked it in the BIOS config utility and 
in the OSMA web GUI).

Something that came to my attention is that in the OMSA LAN 
configuration I get the following message (Spanish):

"Precaución: El tráfico de administración del acceso remoto no funciona 
correctamente cuando la LAN en la placa base (LOM) está integrada a 
cualquier tarjeta complementaria adaptadora de red."

In english is something like that:

"Warning: The administrative traffic of remote access don't work 
correctly when the LAN in the motherboard (LOM) is integrated to any 
complementary network adapter."

I can't figured out what this message exactly means. When you don't have 
iDRAC (like in my R310) the administrative traffic must be shared with 
normal traffic (OS traffic), so, why I get this warning message?.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards.

> ...
>> Sorry, I mean "OS", here in Argentina we say "SO" because is the
>> abbreviation of "Sistema Operativo" (Operating System in english).
> Ah! OK! I should really this language ;-).
> ...
>> When I try the -P option the tool ask me for the password anyway.
>> Later I got an error because I can't access the BMC remotely yet,
>> but it seems like it ignores the -P option. Is this right?
> Are you using "-P <my_totaly_secret_password>" or just "-P"? For me it
> works on all systems and it has to work because you could not
> automatical check via BMC/iDARC/IPMI without it.
> Regards,
> Michael
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