[Linux-PowerEdge] Accessing BMC or iDRAC when server is off.

Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Tue Sep 24 02:10:25 CDT 2013

Hi Mauro,

> Hello again to all.

> Both server has the correct IP configuration for management. The R410
> responds ping to iDRAC IP, but the R310 don't responds ping to the BMC
> IP. I read somewhere that the BMC don't respond ping, is that right?

By default the BMC should answer on pings like the iDRAC (Express or 
Enterprise) does. Are you really sure that your R310 has the correct 
TCP/IP settings? In my experience a not working BMC/iDRAC network 
setting prevents the BMC/iDRAC from working correctly.

> In all case, besides the CLI (which I currently have no idea how to use
> it - I downloaded the CLI manual but I don't read anything yet - ), is
> there any other way to manage the server? For example turning it on or
> install the SO (the last only with iDRAC).

I do not know what you mean with "the SO" but for using the command line 
is not that hard as you can use the ipmitool command.


"ipmitool -H <IP_OF_BMC/iDRAC> -U root chassis status" - gets you the 
status of the chassis
"ipmitool -H <IP_OF_BMC/iDRAC> -U root sdr" - gets you various sensor 
"ipmitool -H <IP_OF_BMC/iDRAC> -U root power on" - starts the server
"ipmitool -H <IP_OF_BMC/iDRAC> -U root power off" - shuts down the server

You can also provide the -P option to set the user password on the 
command line. Try "man ipmitool" to see all options. The ipmitool 
provided by Dells OMSA is really power full.


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