[Linux-PowerEdge] Very basic question - OMSA, IPMI, iDRAC and BMC

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Sounds about right.

The iDRAC is an independent processor usually with its own NIC that can be
reached independently of the operating system.

The IPMI and BMC are lower-level software layers on the operating system.
OMSA is a higher layer.  The OMSA includes agents for dealing with iDRACs,
including a GUI (port 1311) and tools for reporting on and configuring
iDRACs on the current or other systems.

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On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 4:22 AM, Mauro Antivero <mauro.antivero at gmail.com>wrote:

> As the title says, this is a very basic question.
> Can anyone help me to understand what exactly are OMSA, IPMI, iDRAC and
> BMC? As far as I know:
> - OMSA: Utility to monitor and manage the server. In Linux for example
> you have a web front end to do this things.
> - IPMI: Common interface to computer hardware and firmware which system
> administrators can use to monitor system health and manage the system.
> Open source tools like ipmitool make this management simple. It is an
> open standard which is maintained by the IPMI forum.
> - iDRAC: A more advanced service processors that enable system
> administrators to fully monitor and troubleshoot their servers. Two
> questions about this:
> We can say that iDRAC is more powerfull than IPMI?
> iDRAC  covers all the features of IPMI plus many more?
> - BMC: The controller behind IPMI. One question about that:
> The BMC controller is only for IPMI?
> Sorry for this basic questions. I'm now searching information about
> that, but I find that the info is very spread and take time to understand.
> Thanks a lot and regards.
> Mauro.
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