[Linux-PowerEdge] iDRAC mis-reporting PERC 6/i firmware version

Dale Dellutri daledellutri at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 15:36:12 CDT 2013

Poweredge people:

I just ran a firmware update on a Dell PE R710.  It updated the PERC 6/i

Found firmware which needs to be updated.
Running updates...
 100% Installing pci_firmware
 (ven_0x1000_dev_0x0060_subven_0x1028_subdev_0x1f0c) - 6.3.3-0002
Done: The operation was successful. You must perform a reboot for
 the update to take effect.

So I rebooted the system (shutdown -r now), and logged into the web page
of the DRAC, then clicked on "System Inventory".  This is what it reported
for the PERC:

    Type     PERC 6/i Integrated
    Firmware Version     6.3.0-0001

which was the previous version.  In case it needed a DRAC reset, I logged
of the DRAC web page, then:
  # racadm reset soft

Then logged back in, and it still showed the old info.  I logged out from
web page.

I thought that maybe it needed a complete shutdown, so I did:
  # shutdown -h now
Then I re-powered it up, and watched the boot on the console screen.  When
it got to info about the PERC, I typed ctlr-R to go into the PERC and it
that the firmware was 6.3.3-0002, as it should be.  After it came all the
way up,
I re-logged into the iDRAC web page, and it is still showing the old,

Why is the DRAC web page showing the wrong info?

Dale Dellutri
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