[Linux-PowerEdge] Degradated array configuration

cupertino cupertino at gmx.net
Wed Sep 18 17:01:03 CDT 2013

You could create a RAID1 and remove one HDD which will result in a
degraded RAID. The same (removed) HDD can then be used together with
your 3rd HDD to create the 2nd RAID1. (Might be necessary to clear all
config from removed HDD before it can be used for a new RAID.) 

On Wed, 2013-09-18 at 15:09 +0000, Mauro Antivero wrote:
> I'm currently learning how to use the BIOS config utility to manage the 
> PERC H200 RAID controller on a Dell PowerEdge R310.
> Actyally the server has 3 disks:
> Slot 1    1 TB Disk
> Slot 2    1 TB Disk
> Slot 3    2 TB Disk
> I already configured disks in slot 1 and 2 as RAID 1. Now I want to 
> configure the disk in slot 3 as RAID 1 too, but degradeted, because I 
> don't have yet another disk to put in slot 4. The problem is that the 
> BIOS utility doesn't allow me to configure RAID 1 using the disk in slot 
> 3 because I need another disk in slot 4.
> I want to do this because when I will have the system fully configured 
> and running and then insert another disk in hot the RAID will rearm 
> automatically.
> If I can't do this, when I insert a new disk in slot 4 I will need to 
> reboot the system, enter the BIOS config utility and then configure the 
> RAID 1, selecting disk in slot 3 as master.
> So, is posible to configure a degradated RAID 1 in the BIOS config utility?
> Thanks and best regards.
> Mauro.
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