[Linux-PowerEdge] Degradated array configuration

Mauro Antivero mauro.antivero at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 10:09:39 CDT 2013

I'm currently learning how to use the BIOS config utility to manage the 
PERC H200 RAID controller on a Dell PowerEdge R310.

Actyally the server has 3 disks:

Slot 1    1 TB Disk
Slot 2    1 TB Disk
Slot 3    2 TB Disk

I already configured disks in slot 1 and 2 as RAID 1. Now I want to 
configure the disk in slot 3 as RAID 1 too, but degradeted, because I 
don't have yet another disk to put in slot 4. The problem is that the 
BIOS utility doesn't allow me to configure RAID 1 using the disk in slot 
3 because I need another disk in slot 4.

I want to do this because when I will have the system fully configured 
and running and then insert another disk in hot the RAID will rearm 

If I can't do this, when I insert a new disk in slot 4 I will need to 
reboot the system, enter the BIOS config utility and then configure the 
RAID 1, selecting disk in slot 3 as master.

So, is posible to configure a degradated RAID 1 in the BIOS config utility?

Thanks and best regards.


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