[Linux-PowerEdge] Installin Debian 7.1 on Dell R410

Mauro Antivero mauro.antivero at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 10:54:45 CDT 2013

I'm trying to install Debian 7.1 Wheezy on an used Dell PowerEdge R410 
with the following disk configuration (physical):

Slot 1: 1 TB SAS disk
Slot 2: 1 TB SAS disk
Slot 3: 2 TB SAS disk
Slot 4: Empty

PERC H200 SAS / SATA raid controller using the "SAS A" port from which 
from which leaves two set of cables, each one of them is connected to 
the "disk board" (the board on which the data and power connector of the 
disks is connected).

The original installed system was Red Hat Linux Enterprise, with LVM 
configuration. So, when I get to detect / partitioning disk I erase all 
about LVM (actually I don't now anything about LVM so I erase all 
partitions and start from scratch).At this point two questions arise:


Disk in slot 2 is not recognized, only disk in slot 1 (1 TB) and disk in 
slot 3 (2 TB).
Then, if I put away the disk in slot 3, and then take the disc that was 
originally in slot 2 and bring it into slot 3 the installer only 
recognized the disk in slot 1.
Then, if a put away the disk in slot 3 (1 TB disk from previous step) 
and then put again the 2 TB disk in slot 3 the installer continues to 
recognize only the disk in slot 1.

Note: Whenever I made a change I use the installer menu option "Detect 

I believe that must be something related to the raid controller, but I 
can't find it.

2_ At this point, the installer recognises only the disk in slot 1 and 
in "Partitioning disk" section I found that the disk is recognized as 
"Dell Virtual Disk", and I really don't know what this means.

I hope you can help me to understand what happening. My idea is to 
install the system with the following disk configuration:

Disk in slot 1 and disk in slot 2 with raid 1.
Disk in slot 3 and future disk in slot 4 (I say "future" because the 
slot is now empty) wuth raid 1.

I have not decided yet if I will use hardware or software raid.

Sorry for my ignorance abot hardware raid and LVM, but are new things 
for me.

Thanks a lot and best regards.

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