[Linux-PowerEdge] Add PD to existing VD on H800?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Thu Sep 12 12:11:01 CDT 2013

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> Well, either I'm incredibly dense, or simply haven't found what I'm
> looking for yet in the documentation...
> On a PERC H800 installed in a PE2950 (connected to an MD1000), I have
> a RAID-6 array with 5x3TB drives. I'd like to add a 6th 3TB drive,
> but I'm not finding any way to do that. The new drive shows up in
> the H800 BIOS, but simply shows as unconfigured. The only operation
> I can perform is to make it a global hotspare.
> Using the PERC BIOS, MegaCli64, and the Megaraid Storage Manager
> software all show no option, but I have to believe it is possible,
> no?
> How do I add the new drive to the existing array? Once added, I
> assume I can just resize the filesystem to the max extents and
> remount?
> Thanks!

No bites? I would have expected *somebody* has to have wanted an increase in capacity of an existing RAID6 volume with a PERC? :)


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