[Linux-PowerEdge] Upgrade from S100 to H700 - how to migrate software raid 1 to hardware raid 1?

Biel, Charles cbiel at uta.edu
Thu Sep 12 10:47:12 CDT 2013

Hi Francis,

   Just out of curiosity, does EMC Networker have a feature that
does "Synthetic Full" backups? I am using this in CommVault Simpana
for some cases where a traditional full backup was taking over 1 day
to complete, and found it to be an acceptable solution.

   Some quick web searching leads me to believe EMC Networker can do
this if you deem it an acceptable solution.

   Not at all what you are asking directly for, but it might resolve
your backup performance issue.

Hope this helps,

From:  francis picabia <fpicabia at gmail.com>
Date:  Thu, 12 Sep 2013 09:41:15 -0500
To:  "linux-poweredge at dell.com" <linux-poweredge at dell.com>
Subject:  [Linux-PowerEdge] Upgrade from S100 to H700 - how to migrate
software raid 1 to hardware raid 1?

Our spec for a Dell R310 was suitable for production performance, except
for the purposes of full backup cycle.  When we need to back up 200GB

(EMC Networker client) it runs all night and until 5PM the next day.

So we decided to upgrade to the H700 controller.

We have raid 1 on Linux software raid and SATA disks with the built in S100
controller.  Running the H700 controller doesn't seem to support plain disk
access which would be required for continued use of software raid,
so we would need to convert to hardware raid.  (But tell me if I'm wrong
about this and the H700 can somehow run as a plain SATA controller.)

Breaking MD raid into plain ext3 on one disk is easy to do.  The question

can a the H700 initialize and assemble a broken mirror with one disk?

If it can't (software Raid can), then we have only the choice of a
and restore of data from backup.

Are there other suggestions on how to migrate from software raid on S100
to hardware on H700 with only 2 disks?

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