[Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA7.3 with iDRAC7Express and Debian Wheezy

Johannes C. Schulz enzephalon76 at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 10 07:41:46 CDT 2013

Hey Elie

Sorry, thats completely new for me!
Do I understand right:
giving iDRAC the IP in BIOS
giving OMSA the IP in OpenManage-Config

best regards

2013/9/10 <Elie_Jreij at dell.com>

> Are you using the same IP address for iDRAC and OMSA? They should be
> different
> Regards
> Elie
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> Subject: [Linux-PowerEdge] OMSA7.3 with iDRAC7Express and Debian Wheezy
> Hello
> At first, a big sorry about my poor english - maybe someone like to answer
> in german if possible.
> I'm here with my brandnew T620 including iDRAC7Express, running Debian
> Wheezy with srvadmin (OMSA7.3).
> At this time I'm able to connect to OpenManage-Software from my local
> network and from outside. But if I try to start the webinterface a "site
> not found"-message appears. So I like to ask you dear list-members about
> some help. I've attached a screenshot of OpenManage here:
> http://www.enzephalon.de/fileadmin/pics/T620_iDRAC7Express_20130910.jpg
> The T620 is located behind a NAT-Router, ports 443, 1311 and 22 are
> forwarded to the server. NIC1 has IP, NIC2 is bridged (for
> using with virtual machines) and has IP iDRAC is assigned to
> NIC1.
> Do I need to open port 443 on the linux machine?
> Is my configuration of OpenManage correct? Cause if I connect from
> outside, the address of webinterface is just the local one (
> or
> I'm completely wrong and accessing iDRAC7Express-webinterface from outside
> isn't possible?
> best regards
> Johannes

Viele Grüße
Johannes C. Schulz

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